Your Weekly Dose of Mental Sunshine

The mind works best when it is in a state of mental sunshine.

“… no mental growth can take place without mental sunshine. Accordingly, we should resolve to be happy no matter what may transpire. We cannot afford to be otherwise. Sunshine will melt the most massive iceberg if the rays are direct and the clouds are kept away; and it is the same in daily life. No matter how cold, disagreeable and uncongenial your present environment may be, plenty of mental sunshine can change it all.” Christian D Larson

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  For this week’s Mental Sunshine I want to talk to you about values. I know, that doesn’t sound very exciting, or very sunny. But bear with me… Being clear on who you are and what you stand for can help to give your life more meaning and direction. Knowing what you stand for can […]


How’s your week so far? Are you bored of the election coverage yet? Stressed with work? Exhausted and hanging on for the weekend? Worried about climate change? Life can sometimes feel bit miserable… No, wait… this email is about Mental Sunshine! Happiness and positivity If you’re looking for them, there are plenty of reasons to […]


This week’s Mental Sunshine is more about playing the long game with your happiness – It’s about eating the metaphorical spinach. Arthur C Brooks is a happiness researcher. He talks about how every now and then, with the advice he gives for happiness, he drops in some spinach… These are the things you know are good […]

Helping Others

Happy Thursday! Today’s Mental Sunshine is something that might sound a little counterintuitive. It’s about helping or giving to others. Yes, I know you’ve read that and thought, surely that would make the other person happier, not me? Good point. However, did you know that doing something kind for someone else – with no thought […]

Early Night

How is your week going so far? Last week we talked about naps. Often by this point in the week. Especially for those that work Monday-Friday, can begin to feel a little… jaded. A bit tired. A bit “nearly the weekend.” This week’s Mental Sunshine is something to help with that – and something to […]


I hope you’re having a great week. Each week I provide you with a little tip for bringing a little more Mental Sunshine into your life. This week I want to talk to you about naps. No, I’m not saying you should take to your bed for a few hours every afternoon! Tempting though that […]

Do Something Different

How are things in your world today? This week’s Mental Sunshine is something really simple… But it can have a really refreshing effect on your day. This week we’re going to do something different. How often do you leave the house to go to work or shops, and arrive with no recollection of the journey? Without […]


How is your week going so far? With a bank holiday weekend coming up here in the UK, I thought this was a good time to talk about rest. A lovely subscriber to this email recently sent me an article about different types of rest. I know what you’re thinking: rest is rest, right? Well, no. […]


How are your energy levels today? I read an interesting piece the other day which argued that our most valuable resource is not time, but energy. I like this idea. After all, it’s hard to increase the amount of time in the day – people are always reminding us that “we all have the same […]


How is your week going so far? With Mental Sunshine I try to bring you a simple tip each week to help improve your mood – to improve the Mental Sunshine in your life. This week’s tip is so simple, you might think it’s quite ridiculous. This week’s tip is to have a conversation. Yes, […]