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There Are 7 Things Everyone Hopes For From An Event Speaker…

1. You Want Someone Knowledgeable. Who really ‘Knows their stuff’ inside and out.

2. You Want Someone With Passion and Purpose. Who lives, breaths and dreams their chosen topic.

3. You Want Someone With a Great Sense of Humour. A speaker who will leave you with a heart felt smile on your face.

4. You Need Someone With Personality. The very last thing you want is someone who ‘Blends In With The Wallpaper’ or is the equivalent of a ‘Human Sleeping Pill’ No way! You want someone who people will remember for a long time to come.

5. You Need Someone With Genuine Solutions. You want someone who will give people easy-to-understand tips, ideas and answers.

6. You Want Someone With a Proven ‘Track-Record’ in His or Her Niche. Lets face it, there are a thousand and one ‘Armchair Experts’ out there. What you want is the real deal.

7. You Need Someone With Stories People Will Remember. Ideally you need stories so good that months after your event, people are still talking about it.

John is a professional speaker and will meet each of the 7 points above.

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Presentation example:

The Secret to Looking Photogenic on Camera

Key Points

  1. How to prepare for your shoot
  2. What to do during your shoot
  3. Where to use your images

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