Headshot Tip #20 – Remember me…

Changing your photo online automatically notifies your network you’re still around and often results in dormant clients or new connections getting in touch, which could just lead to the deal you’ve been waiting for.

Headshot Tip #14 – Glasses


If you wear high strength glasses or ones with reflective coating, it may be worth a trip to your optician. Ask them to remove the lenses for your shoot or lend you a blank frame. You don’t want reflections spoiling your photo: high strength glasses with a high refractive index can distort the side of the face and leave an apparent hole in the side of the head. Not a good look.

Headshot Tip #6 – Project confidence & approachability


Your photo should show bucketfuls of confidence and approachability. Using a photo of yourself that you really like will also boost your confidence, especially when people say “Wow, what a great photo!”

Bonus Headshot Tip #21 – Enjoy your shoot!

Your photographer isn’t there to make you look bad; your images represent their brand, too. Relax and have fun.

The John Cassidy Law of Headshots is, the more fun you have, the better your images will be. Check out ‘America’s Next Top Model’ on TV and get some tips from the pros. See how they open up and work the camera to look absolutely fabulous…just like you.

Headshot Tip #15 – Put your best foot forward

Put your best foot forward. A great headshot starts from the feet. Make sure your feet are positioned correctly and that your weight is not evenly distributed. Try standing on your back leg with your front leg turned and angled towards the camera position. Or even stand on one leg with the other leg hooked around the ankle, leaning slightly towards the camera. What sounds like gymnastics actually means you’ll create a fantastic base and a far more natural and engaging photograph. Try it!

Headshot Tip #16 – Look into my eyes

Professional Headshots in London

Look into my eyes! Always look through the lens of the camera and picture the people who’ll be looking at your photograph. Think of a client you want to win or a magazine article about you and your amazing success.  What would you would like them to say about you when they see your photograph or article?

Headshot Tip #18 – To airbrush, or not to airbrush?

To airbrush or not to airbrush? The camera may not lie, but Photoshop has been known to tell a few porkies. Help is at hand if needed and most photographers will be more than happy to do some basic retouching, such as eliminating stray hairs, reducing facial lines or bags under the eyes, and removing those dreaded spots and cold sores that magically appear on the morning of your shoot. When all’s said and done, your picture does have to look like you, rather than a re-touched model in Vogue.

Headshot Tip #13 – Make Up


Make-up for a professional headshot should be simple but well done. It should help the viewer focus on your eyes and mouth, the essence of the headshot. Most photographers can recommend a professional make-up artist to ensure you’re looking your absolute best. And that means one less thing for you to worry about.


Headshot Tip #2 – Strike a rapport…


Strike a rapport! It helps to have a great rapport with your photographer. Chat to them and meet them beforehand. It’s vital that the two of you click: the more relaxed you are, the higher the chances of getting a range of images you’re happy with.

Headshot Tip #19 – Get your image out there!


Get your image out there! Once you have your new headshot, use it. Think about all the different ways in which you could use your image: update your business card, add it to your e-mail signature, take out an ad in your local newspaper, write a press release about a project you’re working on, write your first book, publish an e-book, create your own blog, sign up to Twitter or LinkedIn, make a CD, speak at an event … the list is endless, so use your fantastic range of new images everywhere that you communicate.