Professional Headshots and Business Cards

How many business cards do you have in your wallet or laying around the house? Too many I’d bet. With so many business cards floating around it can be hard to remember whose is whose and leaves you thinking “who the heck gave me this card?” which kind of undermines the value of business cards in the first place. Adding a Professional Headshot to your business card can distinguish you from the crowd and make YOU more memorable.

Nowadays we have photos everywhere: in the email client, on the company website, in phone contacts, LinkedIn and so on. So in what situations should I add a Professional Headshot to my business card? This really depends on a lot of factors including your industry, brand and identity.

In the majority of circumstances though – we’d say go for it! People remember faces better than names and this is your personal brand so let it stand out!

Advantages to adding a Professional Headshot to your Business Card

  • If you work as an independent contractor and don’t have the backing of a huge brand Professional Headshots on a business card can further stamp your personality and image on your business
  • If you are particularly recognisable (or unrecognisable) it can be a great way for people to remember you
  • If you’re handing out business cards after only meeting someone for a short period of time, like at a networking event it is incredibly useful to distinguish who gave you the card and will spark their memory of your conversation
  • It creates a seemingly closer bond between you, your business and your business dealings.
  • It adds a more human touch amongst a sea of bland, impersonal business cards.

If you do decide to take the leap and add a photo to your business card the only thing we’d consider a must is that you make sure it is done professionally! Make sure the image captures the real you and encapsulates all your beautiful qualities (we all have them)!