Must Ask Questions before you book your Professional Headshot…

Before you get to the studio for your professional Headshot session there are a number of things you should know or be thinking about, such as:

  1. Why you need a professional headshot? (New website, new opportunity, social media presence, press release, recruitment i.e. LinkedIn)
  2. When do you need your professional headshot by?
  3. What brought this on?
  4. Where else do you intend to use your headshots? (i.e. website, business card, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, one-pager biography, press releases, book cover, products, roll-up banners, email signature, a copy for your mum? See here for more ideas on how and where to use your professional headshot.
  5. What are the main messages you would like your professional headshot to communicate? (Confidence, approachability, trust, professional, caring, fun, quirky)
  6. What’s the very best thing that can happen as a result of having a professional headshot?
  7. What will achieving that result mean to you?
  8. What are your/your company’s core values?
  9. Who is your target audience or ideal client you are looking to attract?
  10. Are you thinking of writing a book or launching any CD or DVD products in the near future?
  11. Have you seen any professional headshot photos that you particularly like the style of? (Take along examples to show your professional headshot photographer)
  12. Do you (or any of your staff) have any particular worries or concerns about being photographed?
  13. Would you like to book a professional hair and make-up artist for your shoot?
  14. Would you like professional image advice?
  15. What are your current brand colours? (Logo, website, etc.)
  16. What style of photos do you like? (Studio, location, posed, candid, colour, black & white)
  17. Are you working on any other branding?
  18. If it’s a company team headshot shoot, is there anyone in your company that may need a greater selection of images? (i.e. Senior Execs, company spokesperson)

Contact us today for a chat and we can help you with any questions you may have about why you need a professional headshot…