Positive People

Michelle Hoskin

Todays Positive People Post is the marvellous Michelle Hoskin of Standards International AKA Littke Miss Woww What makes you happy? I love pottering and being at home. Spending time with the people that mean the most to me is so important. Seeing my daughter grow also brings me incredible joy – I see her potential […]

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Ashley Leeds

Our next Positive People Post is the Ashley Leeds, the 15 Minute Guy What makes you happy? Walking by the sea.  Spending time with my family.  Helping people and seeing the joy when they achieve success. And Music. My whole life is about music, whether that’s just listening, playing my guitar, singing or performing on stage.

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Lara Morgan

This weeks Positive People Post is the Lovely Lara Morgan. Co-Owner and Founder at SCENTERED & GLOBAL AMENITIES DIRECT , Investor & Co-Owner in YOGI BARE, GATE8 & KITBRIX, The C-List What makes you happy? Turning any kind of negative into a positive. When someone informs me of a challenge I try to change the

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Ellie Rich Poole

This weeks Positive People Post is the delightful Ellie Rich Poole who helps people land their perfect job What makes you happy? Friends, freedom, fresh air! How do you stay positive? I am really fortunate that I am naturally a ‘glass half full’ person – optimism is one of my energising strengths. But I think

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Dr Liz Gooster

This week’s Positive Person is the delightful Dr Liz Gooster. Liz is an executive coach What makes you happy? It’s mainly the little things. Cuddles with my daughter. A great cup of coffee. Being by the sea. Cake. Blue skies on a frosty morning. Views of mountain peaks. Champagne. Spring blossom. Friends. Sleep. Chocolate. So

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Rachel Simon

The week sees the start of a new weekly series where I spotlight some of the positively lovely people that we have photographed and ask what makes them feel positive… First into the spotlight is the delightful ~Rachel Simon from Atlanta who loves everything LinkedIn What makes you happy? My morning cup (or 2) of

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Ashleigh Auld

This week’s ‘In the Spotlight’ is Ashleigh Auld from Auld Digital Ltd. Ashleigh has been running a digital marketing agency for two years and has changed her headshot a variety of times as seen in our previous article. We get her in the studio to find out why she thinks branding and online image matter.

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