Ashleigh Auld

This week’s ‘In the Spotlight’ is Ashleigh Auld from Auld Digital Ltd. Ashleigh has been running a digital marketing agency for two years and has changed her headshot a variety of times as seen in our previous article.

We get her in the studio to find out why she thinks branding and online image matter.

THG: You clearly understand the importance of brand, brand image and personality running a digital marketing agency. What are the struggles of taking on a new client?

AA: The main struggle are understanding how a new brand wants to portray themselves and understanding the full brand image they want to give the consumer. It is also great working on behalf of businesses and working understanding their operation and knowing how to portray them online.

THG: So you are able to truly understand your client, the product/service they are providing and the brand personality. How does this personality play apart in forming a consumer’s perception of a brand?

AA: It is challenging and it is satisfying to portray the brand to the correct consumer and understanding is what we do as a business and if we can make sure we can convey the personality within that it shows we understand our client.

THG: You say people by from people, how true is this in today’s digital marketing environment? Do people need to invest in their own personal branding on behalf of their employers?

AA: People definitely buy from people; as much as digital marketing is a great tool you can never beat networking and people skills when it comes to building your brand. People want to invest into the product and to the people that are selling it. Therefore having an approachable image always helps.

THG: How important do you find your own online image and how does it affect your networking/job opportunities?

AA: I find having an approachable online image helps when speaking to new people. It also helps when you have spoken to someone online as you can approach them in a room.

THG: How did you find the whole Headshot experience?

AA: As someone who hates having their photo taken, I found the headshot guy made it a more relaxing experience. With the world moving online everyone should be aware of their online presence and focus on their professional image.

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Ashleigh Auld headshot
Ashleigh Auld headshot