Branding online is a must for 2016!

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Branding gives your product or service an identity which lets your prospective audience spot you from among the crowd. It reflects the personality and value of your company and promotes the growth of customer base, as well as reinforcing credibility and this leads to trust from customers.

Branding is important! People love brands.

So as you can see the advantages of Branding are numerous, companies have been branding themselves through creative Logos, package designs, promotions, and websites and so on…..

But with the growth of technology, branding has ventured into a new platform which is the World Wide Web. The internet has made it possible for companies to reach out even more to their customers and to rope in new ones.

Apart from websites, Online Branding is also done through the social media like twitter, Facebook, instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Online branding does not confine to companies but also individuals also; individual writers, designers, performers etc are promoting themselves through online branding.

Another trend that is noticeable is that companies have started introducing their people; the ones that make it happen.

Today consumers are not satisfied by a company’s brand name, they do their research to find out about the people associated with the company.

For example, when you are deciding on a hospital to take your pregnant wife, you will definitely Google the doctors there to make sure that they are qualified, isn’t it?

So you see consumers want to be more up close and personal, and this has made individual branding inevitable.

The first and foremost factor that you need to consider is your profile picture, because pictures speak a thousand words. A headshot particularly a corporate head shot is necessary for online branding.

The next question is – should you avail professional services for your corporate headshot?

When you are introducing yourself to your customers or your client, you will want to display your best professional self. Selfies and amateur profile pictures are cute, but do you think an amateur photo is want you want for your professional page?

Think of it this way, you spend money, time and effort creating the perfect company image or brand; most probably you would have hired professional photographers, designers and advertisers to brand your product and service.

So why shouldn’t you seek professional help for creating a brand image of you? After all in 2016 online branding helps you build new relationships a lot quicker. To avail professional corporate headshot in London, give us a call.

Do you know why it’s important to get a professional headshot over a selfie? It should be self explanatory, but it’s worth knowing the benefits! Have a look here to understand.