Personal Identity in 2016, brand yourself with a Corporate Headshot!

As you are bidding adieu to 2015, why not prepare yourself for the approaching year – 2016! So, what is the foremost thing you would like to start your new year with?

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We live in a highly competitive business world that functions entirely on two factors – success and failures. Both the elements solely hinge on the way we are able to bond with our clients and other business associates. Considering such a scenario, it is critical for an individual to aptly create his/her brand identity in the corporate world; else your rivals will eat-up your credits.  So, the question is, what is the most effective way of marketing yourself?

Beyond words, there is a deeper level to connect effectively with your customers – a well-executed Corporate Headshot. Be it an employee or an entrepreneur, these headshots skilfully present you as an organized, professional. Besides, it is a proven fact that nowadays most of the business tycoons opt for creative portraits that speaks volumes on their body language.

The business portraits can not only project your positive image but also reflect the way you look or how your personality is judged by others. Since you are not working to waste your precious time in fretting about whatever other people may think of you, rather you need to focus on other important aspects of your life – a journey of achieving your personal goals by following your beliefs.

For this reason, using a professional headshot guy can realistically work out this task for you. He can translate your camera confidence to the way you appreciate people and positively interact with them in multiple walks of life. Not only are these portraits are created to display on your company’s website, it is imperative to share the right image, such as those on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – the recent rage in the media industry.

The benefits offered by corporate headshots:

Size: It is important to have business portraits in different size, for instance a cropped headshot is usually required in business cards and social media profiles while half body pictures are mainly used in company’s website to maintain records. So, size always makes a difference.

Wardrobe & Placement: Your appearance and positioning plays a vital role in the business portrait. At large, the headshot guy prefers to take all images in best of your attire with makeup and lighting. Ultimately, it is your business image that creates the long lasting impression for existing and potential clients. Use colour that compliments your complexion and hair colour.

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