Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer hair and make-up services for headshot shoots?

Hair and Makeup is not included as part of the headshot shoot fee but we do have several hair/makeup artists that we work with and can recommend 

Do you do headshot shoots and my home or office?

Yes, we can come to your location (subject to a minimum fee)

Do you have any female headshot photographers?

Yes, we have 2 Headshot Girl® photographers as well as Headshot Guy photographers on the team.

Where are your photographers and photographic studios located?

We have a number of photographers based around the UK

Where are your photographers and studios located?

We have photographers all over the UK and studio locations in London & Berkshire bUt we can do studio shoots in Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol

How long is a standard headshot shoot?

We usually allow around 30 mins for Individual shoots and 15 mins per person for team shoots.

How many shots do you take during a headshot session?

There is no limit to the number of shots we take. We shoot till we feel we have everything we need. During a typical min session, we'd usually take between 50-100 images. Some of these are duplicate images and clients usually have a selection of 15-30 images to choose from when they are uploaded to their personal client gallery.

How many edited images can I have?

This varies by shoot type, but you can order as many additional images after your shoot (see below for pricing)

How much do extra images cost?

Additional edited images are £42 each inc vat.

Do you supply RAW unedited images?

No - All images are professionally edited by us so we can maintain quality control.

When do I pay for my headshot session?

For individual shoots, we ask for the full fee at the time of booking to secure your slot.

For company and team events we will invoice you at the time of confirmation to confirm your booking.

What should I wear for my headshot shoot?

Generally, clothing should make you feel wonderful. We suggest people bring along a selection of tops in different styles and colours. If we’ve got it, we can use it. See here for a more comprehensive guide.

Who owns the copyright on my headshot images?

The Headshot Guy® owns the copyright, but all images are generally supplied with a full usage license, meaning you are free to use your images as you wish.

Can I choose my headshot photographer?

Yes, we will do this when logistically possible

Can I bring a friend to my headshot shoot for moral support?

Yes of course you can. They can come into the studio and watch the session

What happens if I’m running late for my headshot shoot session?

First of all, don’t panic - We do try to build some flexibility into bookings but a call would be appreciated.

Do you do headshot shoots on location?

Yes. All of our kit is very portable and the majority of team shoots are at client locations.

How much space do you need to set up for a headshot shoot?

We like to allow 3 sq meters of clear floorspace to set up (with a nearby electrical socket)

What can I use my headshot images for?

You can use your images wherever and whenever you wish from social networking sites, help boost your CV, accompany press releases pr and marketing to dating agency profiles 

Do you supply prints for headshots?

No - We supply images as digital files, but there are a number of places that you can send these files for printing.

Can I have my headshot images in black and white?

Yes, that is an option.

Do you do any airbrushing or retouching of my images?

Airbrush or air broom 🙂 Yes we do light airbrushing to remove blemishes and spots and tidy up loose hairs. We can also reduce some wrinkles around the eyes etc. We do keep this to a minimum though so your finished image still looks like you.

How do I choose my favourite images?

Client's proof images are uploaded onto a personal online gallery. This will have a unique access code that we will email to you after your shoot (usually within 24 hrs)

Do you do hair & makeup?

Hair and make-up is not included in the standard packages, although we can recommend a number of local stylists and make-up artists.

We can apply basic foundation powder to help tone down highlights from the studio lights (just like they do on TV). We also have plenty of wet wipes on hand to remove it afterwards.

Can you recommend an image consultant to advise on what to wear for my headshot shoot?

Yes we work with several image consultants that we are happy to recommend

How long before my headshot images are ready?

We usually allow 2-4 working days to edit images. But can turn around the same day if we are given prior notice.

What happens if I don’t like my photos?

We can offer a reshoot of a full refund.

How do I book a headsht session with you?

We have online booking for individual shoots here and we manually book company team shoots

What happens if I need to cancel my headshot session?

See our cancellation policy here

How do you get people who hate having their photos taken to relax during a headshot shoot?

We have a number of techniques that I use to get people to relax as everyone is different. Generally, we try to make the whole experience a fun and enjoyable one and  We’ve only had to resort to bringing out the brandy on one occasion...

I'm really worried about my self-image - my double chin, big nose, crooked teeth, sticky-out ears, I look fat, got spots etc?

Well don’t, if you do have any genuine concerns then please let me know. There are countless techniques we can use to help minimise your so-called flaws. These are our photographs too and we aim to give all our clients an image that they are proud to show off.

Do you only take headshots?

No, we also take half and full-length images as well as feature-style portraits which show more of the body. We don't do families, children, babies and pets though.

When can I see my proof images?

After the shoot we go through and grade the images and upload a selection of these onto your very own personal password-protected gallery. This will be sent to you usually within 24hrs of the shoot.

How do I choose my headshot images?

Your gallery has a lightbox function where you will be able to view and order your favourite images.

How do I get my final headshot images?

We will email you your images as attachments, but can also send via DropBox or WeTransfer.

What format do you supply my headshot images in?

Images are supplied as digital RGB files in jpeg format. We supply each image as a high-resolution version for print, a low-resolution version for web use and a square crop version for Linked in and Twitter profiles.

How long till I get my edited headshot photos?

We usually try to get images edited within 2-4 working days of receiving an order.

Did you really take all the celebrity headshot photos on your website?

Yes John worked for The Times for 10 years and still work for a number of large London pr agencies that look after celebrity clients.

Contact us so we can help you with any further questions you may have about your professional headshot shoot…