Consistent Headshots for your Company Team

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors and stand out in a crowded marketplace? Taking your brand seriously is key and those leading it are at the forefront of your business and brand communications. It makes sense that the quality of leadership is reflected in compelling executive portraits, available on your intranet and website.

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The Headshot Guy® has many years of experience working with companies, corporate executives and leadership teams across London and the UK. We will quickly grasp your business story as well as capture the calibre and personality of each individual who delivers your brand. Portraying this uniqueness is where our team of specially trained headshot photographers excel.

Essentially we are looking to capture confidence and approachability and we have a number of ways to guarantee your team look natural, relaxed and engaging. Our aim is to make your shoot a fun, enjoyable and painless experience. What make us different is the way we direct and engage with clients, giving them confidence when faced with the camera.

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Why clients choose us?

  • We only do headshots, brilliantly – See what other clients are saying
  • A team of specially trained professional headshot photographers based around the UK
  • Online booking with rescheduling options and automated reminders via text and email to save you scheduling nightmares.
  • Preparation guides for your team
  • Camera to client system allows fast & efficient image delivery and administration of orders
  • A proven engagement process brings out the best in everyone we photograph, even the most ‘un-photogenic’
  • Guaranteed satisfaction, or your money back

Your Company Team Headshot Shoot Includes:

  • Visual Branding Consultation: to understand a little more about your company and what you are hoping to achieve by having a new headshots.
  • Preparation Guides: to ensure your team know what to expect and what to bring along.
  • Wardrobe Advice: to help you select the best colours and styles that suit and work well on camera.
  • Draft shoot schedule or online booking page: to help you easily plan the day.
  • The shoot: a combination of coaching, direction and heaps of fun to guarantee you become confident and totally relaxed on camera. (including our top tips to make you look more photogenic…)
  • Schedule options (see below)
  • Shoot and review: so your team can see how fantastic they look as the shoot progresses (Subject to shoot option).
  • Wardrobe changes: so you get a variety of different looks (subject to shoot option).
  • Shortlist: help to narrow down your shortlist of potential winners
  • Online Gallery: for you to select your winning shots at your leisure.
  • Fully Edited & Licensed images: supplied as digital files in different resolutions and crops for LinkedIn etc.
  • Ongoing service for new hires and those needing an update
  • We can also supply hair and make-up services to ensure you are looking your absolute best (subject to an additional fee)

Schedule Options:

Shoots are scheduled depending on the amount of images you need for each person. The more time we spend with each person, the better the range/selection of shots we can get for you. Longer shoots also allow time for multiple wardrobe changes. We always take a selection of shots of each person to find their best angle and expression. The winning shots are then uploaded onto an online gallery for you to choose your final shortlist before being edited We can also do a combination of options if some of your team are more likely to need a wider selection of shots.

5 to 10 mins per person. This is ideal if you have a large team and only need 1 headshot per person for your website and online profiles such as LinkedIn. We’d usually photograph 40 to 60 people per day.

10 to 20 mins per person. This is ideal if you have a large team and need a range of 2 to 3 headshots per person for company website and marketing materials. These can include headshots, candid talking head “action” shots or something a little more fun/quirky to add more personality to your about us page. We recommend this shoot if you need a range of images We'd usually photograph 20-30 people per day.

20 to 30 mins per person. This shoot is designed for your partners, executive leadership teams and company spokespeople who are regularly asked to supply images for press releases to the national press, trade media and for company annual reports. Shots can include a mixture of headshots, half & full-length shots, candid boardroom shots and feature-style portraits.

How it works…

Before the shoot

  • We will discuss your preferred shoot style, including lighting, background options & cropping requirements
  • After we have agreed the shoot details we can set up an online booking link for team members or supply you with a draft shoot schedule.
  • We can address any questions or concerns you or your team members may have about being photographed
  • Chat about localised office regulations (such as Covid 19)
  • See here for specific photographer requirements

The shoot day

  • We will arrive approx 30 mins prior to the start of the shoot and set up our pop-up studio, with professional lighting and background
  • We prefer to be in a private room with enough space for social distancing and a nearby plug socket
  • Each team member is given a unique QR code to hold up for the first photograph. This will identify who they are and is also their gallery link.
  • We recommend sessions of approx 10 to 15 minutes per person. We will fully direct them as to what they need to do. (Please allow longer for anyone needing a greater selection of images)
  • We shoot different angles and expressions to capture everyone's best side.

After the shoot

  • We will whittle down from the selection taken to approx 10-15 winning images to choose from.
  • These will be uploaded onto a personal online gallery so people can log on to view and order their favourite image
  • Ordered images are lightly edited and returned as digital images in agreed formats
  • Images can be sent to the individual and /or shared with yourself as the shoot lead.


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How long do we need?

Shoots are scheduled depending on the number of people you need to be photographed.

We can generally photograph around 40 people per day without compromising on the quality of results.

We recommend 10 to 15 mins per person. However, the more time we spend with each person, the better the selection of shots we can provide for you.

Please allow longer for senior executives and managers who represent the company as spokespeople at events, in the press annual reports, company results etc.

We can also include a mixture of headshots, fuller-length shots, candid “talking head” action shots and feature-style portraits.

Longer shoots also allow time for wardrobe changes.

If you have any questions about corporate team headshots anywhere in London, across the UK or globally via our clever app and would like a detailed quote then please get in touch with us on 0203 011 0394.

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