Remote headshots

As the world’s gone virtual, lots of things we were used to doing in person are now being done online. The exception was high-quality digital photography.

Until now…

You can now have your professional headshot session taken remotely, in a 100% covid safe way, at your own location via your Apple iPhone or Android device and our Camera2Client app.

Our app allows us to connect and take control of the camera function on your mobile phone. We can then direct and photograph you just like we would in the studio. This means you still get the full professional experience. And, as we use the rear-facing camera in RAW mode, we are able to capture high-quality images.

It also guarantees you get consistent headshots for your remote workers and teams, wherever they are in the world. It also saves you time and effort sourcing and briefing multiple local photographers.

Ellie in Singapore, remotely photographed from London

Ellie in Singapore, remotely photographed from London

How it Works…

  • Sessions can be booked online in your local timezone
  • Once booked you will be sent a confirmation email with detailed instructions on downloading the App and guides on how to prepare for the shoot, logistically and personally.
  • At the time of the shoot we will text/WhatsApp a link to securely connect and start your session.
  • We will go through some logistics and do a quick virtual tour to see where the best lighting is best.
  • We will then direct and take photos, as we would normally do, to capture your best side and expressions.
  • Session lengths are approx 20 mins.
  • For the best results, we will take the photo with you facing towards a large window or patio doors during daylight hours
  • We will edit out the background afterwards and replace it with a plain or office style background to match your requirements.
  • It also helps if you have someone else, like a family member, to assist by holding the camera.
  • Price £150 per person with discounted rates for company teams and multi-person shoots
  • Company accounts and contracts are invoiced on a monthly basis


So far we have successfully photographed remote headshots for clients in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ghana, Holland, India, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Luxemburg, New Zealand, Oman, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Tasmania, UK, USA & Vietnam.

Call us on 0203 0110 394 if you have any questions about our new remote headshot service or fill out the form below and we will get back to you.


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