Headshot Options

We do have our own standard House Style for professional headshots.

There are however a number of different style options to choose from. These include options for lighting, background, cropping pose and expression.

We can easily match your existing brand guidelines or work with you to come up with a style that suits your team.

The most important part of any shoot however, is the engagement process used to get people to relax in front of the camera. Something all our photographers excel at.

See more headshot examples on our Portfolio and Out-Takes pages.

Lighting Options


Single light on a white background

Photo©John Cassidy The Headshot Guy®
07768 401009

2 lights on a white background

TMF_MG_0809_2448 Hi

Single main light with rim light on a dark background

Available light (shot outside with natural blurred background)

Background Options

We can shoot as is on a natural or studio background or we can add a different background post-shoot.

Background 1

Dark studio background as shot

DG_MG_1509_1424 Example

Colour blend background added post shoot

Bold Colours 2

Solid colour background added post shoot


Office background added post shoot

Photo©John Cassidy The Headshot Guy®
07768 401009

Natural background as photographed


Background added post shoot

Framing Options

We can shoot from a tight head & shoulders to full length (and anything in between)

Crops 2
Crops 3
Crop 1
Crops 4


Eye contact, candid or conversational

Speaking Headshot
Leverets Conversational

Cropping Options

Crop Examples

We tend to shoot wide with both shoulder in the frame. This way we can crop to wide, square, upright, tight or letterbox shape afterwards

Group Shots

These can be taken "as is" or taken individually and merged post shoot.

Group 1
Merged Group Examples