BREAKING NEWS – REMOTE HEADSHOTS, wherever you are in the world…
We can now take your headshot virtually, no matter where you are in the world. Our remote technology allows us to do this via your iPhone camera so you get a high-quality result. Our fully directed, COVID SAFE, headshots can be taken from the comfort of your own home or office.  We will send you the link to download our app where we can direct you and control the camera so you get the full professional experience. This is especially beneficial if your team work from home or remotely as it guarentees consistent quality results. 
Book your virtual shoot here (iPhone with IOS 13.0 or later needed)
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What if every business had a face?

A face to attract new clients. A face you can recognise. A face you can trust.



Our purpose is to shine a light on the face of business. We are known for photographing people who hate having their photos taken and making them look fantastic on camera.


With a team of specially trained and centrally managed Headshot Guy® and Headshot Girl® photographers based across the UK. This helps clients, with multiple locations, keep their teams profile photos consistent and up-to-date. Our Camera to Client system, complete with online booking and shoot preparation guides, make organising your shoots simple and easy. Typical clients include businesses in the finance, investment, legal and professional services industries across the UK, Europe and Middle East.


We are the specialists in:



You can also contact us to find out about our DIY Home Headshots and editing service to keep your teams’ images consistent whilst they are working from home or remotely during the pandemic.


COVID 19 UPDATE. Please note not all of our studio locations are operating due to social distance suitability. All shoots are carried out safely following government guidelines and social distancing. Our photographers will also be wearing a facemask throughout your shoot and observing localised operational restrictions. 


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Your headshot is your best tool to attract new clients and present yourself to the world. It’s all about crafting visual imagery that feels uniquely, authentically you. It’s about showcasing yourself in the best light to attract opportunities, progress your career, and build the relationships that take you higher


The reward for this process is recognition.
You work hard to offer something special, so claim visibility for what you do. Recognition is all about spreading the message of who you are and what you do, and finding your audience to take you further.




Once you have that headshot to work with, there are many ways to apply it and use it to open doors and reveal opportunities. Professional imagery does more than increase your visibility – it builds immediate trust from people who meet you, and amplifies the presence you have anywhere online they might find you.

Trusted and approved suppliers to many companies, including

Moet Hennessy
Clarke Willmott
4 Pump Court
3 Raymond Buildings

The Headshot Guy® & The Headshot Girl®

The photographers at The Headshot Guy® & Headshot Girl® pride ourselves on being able to promote your unique strengths through professional headshots - both for individual business leaders and members of your company team.

Throughout this site are examples of our headshots, taken of everyday business people from new starters to senior leaders and successful entrepreneurs, from across the UK.

The changing face of work

With increased digital communications, remote working and teams working from home, a unique and professional headshot can help your current and potential clients feel more connected with you. So when you don't meet face to face, people know who they are talking to.

So stand out from the crowd and use an up-to-date profile picture on business networking sites, social media and your email accounts. Make an impression so people recognise and remember you.


Do you need a professional headshot?

A professional headshot will give you the edge. You will come across as confident, approachable and assured. It demonstrates you recognise the value of investing in your personal brand.

We have headshot studios throughout London, the south east and nationwide.

Contact us to see how we can help provide consistent professional headshots for you, your company or your event.