• We had the pleasure of working with The Headshot Guy

    at a senior leadership event in November 2017.  We are absolutely delighted with all aspects of working with the team, in particular their flexibility and ‘can do’ attitude. This has been enormously helpful in enabling us to achieve a great experience for our leaders and some superb results in terms … [Continue]

    We had the pleasure of working with The Headshot Guy
  • The photographer’s personal touch was the most important part

    of The Headshot Guy service, his ability to quickly get to know me and let the real me shine through on camera. He easily built trust and a rapport between us and I was made to feel relaxed, so I felt safe in front of the lens. The service was flexible too and John was open to trying different … [Continue]

    The photographer’s personal touch was the most important part
  • Ovum analysts and consultants

    are our most precious asset. We wanted to capture the new Ovum look (modern & digital) and update newly created bios on www.ovum.informa.com. Theheadshotguy was recommended to me by a colleague and I have been impressed with the company's professionalism and the quality of its photography … [Continue]

    Ovum analysts and consultants
  • A great headshot is all about the expression

    Yes the technical stuff, the camera, lighting and background help. But if you haven’t got expression you’ve got nothing… We have many different expressions that we use during the day, yet somehow we lose the ability to control them the moment we step in front of a camera – and we end up with a … [Continue]

    A great headshot is all about the expression
  • Smiles mean business

      A good smile will show interest, confidence and approachability. A bad one could display a lack of competence, reliability and self-assurance. Early-stage investor Howard Morgan said that in his experience, smiling entrepreneurs are more likely to get funded. Sir Richard Branson, … [Continue]

    Smiles mean business
  • John Cassidy – Founder, The Headshot Guy®

    John knows there’s a great headshot in everyone, no matter how photogenic you think you are. His goal is camera invisibility. Using a combination of coaching, direction, fun and his natural ability to connect with people, John enables your true personality and confidence to shine through on … [Continue]

    John Cassidy – Founder, The Headshot Guy®
  • What to expect from our headshot service

    Here's an overview of our headshot service, in a nutshell. The first thing we do when you arrive at the studio is have a chat about your requirements for a professional headshot and the visual messages you’d like to communicate. We'll then look through your wardrobe and help choose the best … [Continue]

    What to expect from our headshot service



The Headshot Guy® and The Headshot Girl® specialise in creating professional headshots for UK wide businesses and professionals.


Our team of brilliant photographers are based across the UK. All managed by our central head office in Berkshire. Our typical clients include businesses in the finance, legal and professional services industries. Many with multiple office locations.


Services include headshot shoots for large company teams. Headshots to add value to your conference, event or exhibition. And individual studio shoots.


Contact us to chat about how you can improve the FACE of your business.


Your headshot is your best tool to attract new clients and present yourself to the world. It’s all about crafting visual imagery that feels uniquely, authentically you. It’s about showcasing yourself in the best light to attract opportunities, progress your career, and build the relationships that take you higher


Once you have that headshot to work with, there are many ways to apply it and use it to open doors and reveal opportunities. Professional imagery does more than increase your visibility – it builds immediate trust from people who meet you, and amplifies the presence you have anywhere online they might find you.


The reward for this process is recognition.
You work hard to offer something special, so claim visibility for what you do. Recognition is all about spreading the message of who you are and what you do, and finding your audience to take you further.



Trusted by companies of all sizes, in all industries, across the uk, including

Harvey Nash
Clarke Willmott
12 KBW
9 Gough Square
Pitman Training

The Headshot Guy® & The Headshot Girl®

The photographers at The Headshot Guy® & Headshot Girl® pride ourselves on being able to promote your unique strengths through professional headshots - both for individual business leaders or members of company teams.

Throughout this site are examples of our headshots, taken of everyday business people from students and new starters to senior leaders and successful entrepreneurs, from across the UK.

The changing face of work

With increased digital communications and remote working, a unique and professional headshot can help your current and potential clients feel more connected with you. So when you don't meet face to face, people know who they are talking to.

So stand out from the crowd and use an up-to-date profile picture on business networking sites, social media and your email accounts. Make an impression so people remember who you are.


Do you need a professional headshot?

A professional headshot will give you the edge. You will come across as confident, approachable and assured. It demonstrates you recognise the value of investing in your personal brand.

We have headshot studios throughout London, the south east and nationwide.

Contact us if we can help provide headshots for you, your company or your event. We'd be delighted to work with you.