New Year, New Image and 2016

New Year is all about a new beginning, new resolutions, new opportunities, building new relations and so on. So why not create a new and fresh image for yourself.

Whether it is a total professional makeover or a few tweaks and trims, a new image can energise your spirits for the New Year.

Once you get a makeover don’t you want to make a good impression with this new image? As a professional, you have to deal with lots of other professionals, so updating your professional headshot with a new look will create a fresh and lasting impression on others.

Professional head shots are very important for your website because it conveys the message that you are approachable but also serious about your business. Executives and consumers look forward to associating with a professional who they can rely on.

Here are the reasons why you need a new headshot image…

Familiarity breeds contempt. Don’t you get bored with the same look yourself? An updated professional image on your website and social media pages will deliver the message that you care about how you present yourself to others.

The technology in photography is improving every year. You do not want to look outdated, do you? Especially for those of you in the entertainment business, styles and trends change frequently, which is why a new image could also attract new offers.

New online headshots are also beneficial if you are looking to move into a new role or if you have just left a business. The old headshot may associate you with your previous work and a refreshed image can make you feel better about your image.

Our looks change without us noticing , so an updated headshot lets people recognise you.

How to prepare for a head shot?

  • Get the right clothes and accessories that suit your profession.
  • A week before the shoot, make sure that you drink enough water to keep your skin fresh and supple and stay away from the sun.
  • Get a fresh haircut a week or two prior to the shoot.
  • Have your teeth professionally cleaned and whitened and avoid staining food.
  • Take care of your facial hair with plucking, manscaping or bleaching.

Once you have created the look that you want head to a professional photographer for the perfect headshot.

If you’re interested in places you can include your headshot, click here.

personal image through a headshot