Don’t make the mistake of putting Christmas party photo’s online. It is not professional.

Why shouldn’t you put Christmas party photos online?

Social media has helped us connect with our near and dear ones easily. It can also help to forward your career and make yourself visible to potential employers. But this same social media can be disastrous for your career if you are not careful about what you post online. Most of the companies are now looking at their employees’ social media history to make sure they are not maligning their company’s reputation in any way. Even if you share your Christmas Party pictures between find its way onto the Internet where it becomes public forever.

Christmas office parties are infamous for being the most socially awkward gathering of any year. Most of us attend the party to avoid the eventual backlash from those who attended. But you must keep in mind that what happens in the office, must remain within the office. You may click pictures of the fun and festivities but it is never a good idea to share them online. Some photos might be downright embarrassing to others, while some might mar the reputation of others.

Four glasses of wine set in the restaurant at christmas party

A picture is worth a thousand words. Is it absolutely necessary to post pictures of you flirting with your colleagues during the Christmas party? It is extremely unprofessional to share the Christmas party photos online and your employer may not take this too kindly. As mentioned earlier, not only do the companies look up a candidate’s social media profile before hiring him/her, they also keep tabs on how their current and ex-employees are behaving online. Many people have been fired from their jobs because they posted their drunk photos online. In 2008, a New England Patriots cheerleader was fired after she was seen in Facebook photos holding a sharpie in a Christmas party, next to a passed out man who was covered with drawn-on graffiti including swastikas and crude sexual drawings.

Christmas is a time for celebration and no matter how much you don’t enjoy being in the same room as your colleagues, you have to attend that dreadful party to keep up your image. So, this year do yourself a favour and do not click pictures at the office Christmas party and even if you do, keep those pictures away from the social media.

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