Believe in yourself and others will believe in you!

There comes a time in everyone’s lives when they are down in the pit. Constant darkness and self pity becomes the norm of the day. However, this is a mental state. This is just you, losing faith in yourself when life punches you hard. Here are some well rounded advice that’ll make you believe in yourself again.

make sure you believe in yourself, others will be able to believe in you too

  1. Do away with the wrong people.

Because life’s too short to waste time with people who are stopping you from being happy. If someone really wants you in their life, there will always be room for you. Ignore those who underestimate your true value. And remember that these are the same people who are by your side only when the times are good and disappear during adversities. So choose your friends wisely.

  1. Be brave enough to face problems.

Face them upfront. No, of course it is not easy. No one is able to instantly and effortlessly solve their problems. We all suffer, we fall, and end up sad at times. Everyone could find solace in knowing that this is the very nature of human life: to face hurdles, to learn, to adapt and to solve them. It is through these issues that we shape ourselves into being a better person. .

  1. Stop being someone you’re not.

That sounds simple, yet it’s quite a challenge to be yourself in a world that pushes you to be like everybody else. You might always find someone who’s nicer, stronger, younger or even richer, but nobody else can be like you! You are unique. Do not market yourself to be likable. Be yourself, and the right people will love you.

  1. Stop being afraid to make mistakes.

Even if you often fail pursuing your dreams, be proud of yourself as that is way better than sitting idle bundled up in fear over the chance of failing, Every success story has a history of failure behind it, and every mistake takes you a little closer to your desired result. At the end, we always regret the chances that we refused to take.

  1. Stop devaluing yourself because of your old mistakes.

You are not the sum of your past mistakes, rather something quite the contrary: There you are, here and now, with a phenomenal power in your hands: to change the course of your day, and your future at the same opportunity. See every event of your life as something that prepares you for a bigger future.

  1. Stop investing in relationships for the wrong reasons.

The proverb is well known: better be alone than in bad company. You don’t need to run your horses that fast. If something is meant to be, it will come true at the right time with the right person for the right reasons. Fall in love when you feel ready, not because you feel alone.

  1. Stop rejecting new relationships just because the others have not worked.

It won’t take you long to realize that there is a purpose to each person that you meet in life. Some will test you and the others will use you, but more importantly, some will help you bring out the best of you.

  1. Get rid of grudges.

If you live your life with hate in your heart, you will ultimately do you more harm to yourself than those you have wronged you. Forgiveness sometimes, is all about sparing yourself from all the hate and rage that burns inside of you. Find peace, liberate yourself, forget and move on.  

  1. Don’t undervalue the beauty of small moments.

Learn to appreciate the little things in life, because one fine day you might look back and realize that you . The best moments of life are those little seemingly insignificant moments that make us smile with the people we love.

  1. Believe in yourself!

Can nobody believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself! Likewise, you’re the only one who knows your true inner potential. Take anyone for that matter! Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, who would’ve thought an army kid at small base camp in Austria would smuggle himself into the United States to become the greatest bodybuilder of all time?

Look at Michael Jackson! A black artist in the white dominated 80’s – breaking records and selling out shows? Impossible? He made it happen because he told himself he could! Next time someone tells you that you’re incapable of something, you know what to do.

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