Why a professional headshot?

A common question we see around the internet is ‘What is the point of spending money on a professional headshot photo from a photographer instead of taking a selfie?’

The answer is sort of in the question… Doesn’t the word ‘professional’ give it away?

As you may of seen in blogs prior to this one we have covered the fact that a Linkedin profile image could be your virtual handshake. It is important it has the quality of a professional background and professional camera that is used by your photographer and not just the front camera of your iPhone.

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Many people may be hesitant about paying for a professional headshot but the effect it has on you and the opportunities that may arise are outstanding.

If you were a manager of a company looking to take on a potential employee, and you saw somebody’s Linkedin profile picture was them out with friends or you can even see their bathroom sink in their photo what does it say about their personal brand.

Compared to another candidate who has a professional headshot, we are confident that this initial perception created just will not cut it in your mind, leaving you to opt for the individual present themselves in a confident, professional manner.

When having a headshot photo you have professionals helping you giving you the best advice and getting the best out of you. If you use a ‘selfie’ you may just think ‘that’ll do’ and it can hinder you career.

As previously mentioned Lighting is key to having a good headshot and amateur headshots are pretty obvious. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to blow loads on the most amazing photographer you can find.

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