Lara Morgan

This weeks Positive People Post is the Lovely Lara Morgan. Co-Owner and Founder at SCENTERED & GLOBAL AMENITIES DIRECT , Investor & Co-Owner in YOGI BARE, GATE8 & KITBRIX, The C-List

What makes you happy?

Turning any kind of negative into a positive. When someone informs me of a challenge I try to change the language and see it as an opportunity. I believe what goes around, comes around meaning, the more we put into life without expectations, the more life gives back. So, I genuinely work to share with others lessons learnt, perhaps skills I can teach, experiences to underpin where I go wrong and bounce back. This gives me a huge buzz, if I can help even a little that is progression and I loathe standing still procrastination. I try always only talk from experience I have had not just opinion. I feel also saying I cannot add value, saying no, creates a happiness as I have learned to resist over promising.

How do you stay positive?

Great question. I have had to work on this relentlessly in the past 2 years. I have a routine which I break and reset from time to time, I always find fresh air a source of uplift, (sometimes colder than I would like,) I exercise, worst case I find time to notice the small things that make me smile, like frost on the hedgerow or a spiders’ web. I have a wellbeing toolkit list which I sat down recently as my Christmas present my children had to give me a single hours concentrated conversation around this super important topic…

This is the wellbeing toolkit that I think we should teach in schools…

What do you do to relax?

Walk, swim, run, bike, sometimes I have a nap on a weekend day, time with family enormously important, get off the phone for extended periods, literally find quiet time where I am not having to engage, time and space on my own is huge recovery and an early night to bed to gain a great night’s sleep solves a great deal.

What quote do you live by?

If you don’t ask, you don’t get

How has your photo changed the way you see yourself?

No not really, albeit I should make more of an effort. Actually as I get older I feel get scruffier and more casual. My children will inform that I am basically very uniformed in how I dress. I do not believe in wearing make-up much at all but feel a healthy frame allows me to feel confident in my skin.

Your ten-word value proposition…

Stop, Inhale and Reset with my Scentered wellbeing balms.

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