Smiles mean business


Invest in you
Invest in yourself

A good smile will show interest, confidence and approachability. A bad one could display a lack of competence, reliability and self-assurance.

Early-stage investor Howard Morgan said that in his experience, smiling entrepreneurs are more likely to get funded. Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group says, “If you are negotiating with a tough investor or discussing issues with a customer, a smile will show that you’re willing to listen and eager to help. Some business leaders take their work very seriously; they think they have to be stern in order to get things done. This can create a culture of control and fear that trickles all the way down through the company, because if the boss is scary, senior managers will be scary, and so on. If you smile, you’ll encourage your employees to be more open, communicative and innovative too.”

There’s also evidence to show that when we’re smiling we’re perceived to be more efficient and even better performers in our professional industries. Your smile means business and with thousands of potential customers and employers looking at your online profile, an engaging headshot is a great way to ensure you attract attention.