Headshots for Professional Speakers, Authors and Trainers

Headshots for Professional Speakers, Authors and Trainers

You create your brand so headshots for professional speakers authors and trainers are ideal.

We know that clients choose the speakers they book because of how good a speaker they are, and the success they will deliver.

“WOW, you look amazing, can I book you…?”


Clients often make up their minds about speakers based on their biography and their photo so first impressions are really important.

Your “brand” is very important and the image you use to present yourself must be confident, approachable and genuine.

We have a number of options for professional speakers, authors and trainers.

Headshots for professional speakers generally take place in our Central London or Thames Valley studios.

Or, if you’d like a more personal approach, we can come to you.

Contact us now if you need a headshot for your professional speaker, author or trainer profile.