New Year, new opportunities – three great reasons why you should ditch that selfie

Did you also know that a professional headshot is now affordable, easy to book online and at a nearby convenient location?

Professional vs selfie

First impressions count and if your online profile picture looks amateur, so will you. It’s time to ditch that selfie, holiday snap or poorly cropped wedding photo.

With skilled direction and an eye for detail, only a professional photographer will help you prepare for your photo-shoot and spend time getting your best angles to achieve a natural, winning smile.


Is your online profile picture blurred and do you have a long shadow or maybe a flag coming out of your head?

Having a professional digital image, available in low-resolution for online profiles and high-resolution for print purposes, will set you apart from other candidates and work colleagues.


Is the sun shining in your eyes, is your profile picture dark and gloomy or over-exposed? With soft studio lighting we guarantee to make you look natural and approachable. With a professional headshot, we will capture your true personality and let you shine on camera (we can even touch up the odd spot, although we won’t recommend severe airbrushing.)

A small investment with a big return

It’s time to invest in you, in your future and in your online profile. With prices starting from just £150, there’s never been a better time to update your online profile picture with a professional headshot.

Happy new you.

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