7 tips to improve your About Us page

Did you know your about me page is one of the most viewed pages of your website? There’s a good reason for this. People viewing your page don’t always care about how many accomplishments or skills you have (of course it helps!) but they want to interact with somebody they connect with and trust. Not surprisingly, the about me page tells the reader about you – what sort of person you are, what you do, etc. and when the reader feels this connection to you and trusts that you are someone they want to interact with, opportunities will come naturally.

7 tips on how to customise your About Us page to impress any reader and network effectively!

  1. Know Who You’re Talking To!

Every ‘about me’ page should be different to meet your audience. Some will write a fantastic page that will show off their individual qualities when looking for a job, while others will be respected businesses who are looking to show what their company can do for prospective clients. Every message you write should be intended for your target audience. It’s quite simple really, if you don’t know who you’re writing your ‘about me’ page for then how can you tell your audience what you can do for them?

  1. Let them see you!

People instantly relate to faces – while they may engage and enjoy you’re writing, nothing makes an instant connection like a photo of your smiling face! The key here is choosing the right photo for you and your team. Don’t just choose any photo, Ensure the whole team in your about me page uses the same headshot photographer who knows you and your brand. Incorporating a Professional Headshot will make sure that your finest qualities are shown and immediately conveys a professional, trustworthy and welcoming reflection of your brand to all your curious readers.

  1. Show yourself and share your values!

Let the reader know who you are and what you believe in. This part of the ‘about me’ page must be genuine and can’t be copied or replicated. Don’t make false promises that you can’t live up to. It’s much like online dating really; readers can sense the genuineness of your words and will naturally be more attracted to your profile.

  1. Tell your story!

We’re all suckers for stories. Captivate your audience and let the reader know about your professional journey. Tell them how you got where you are today and get people to understand how you know what you know. Don’t just tell the facts though, make it interesting! Readers will appreciate and empathise with your journey which will help foster trust and a stronger connection.

  1. Make it clear what you can do for them!

This is a big one and probably one of the most obvious points to include in your ‘about me’ page but a point that is frequently overlooked and forgotten. Make it clear what you are offering to them! How can you help your reader? Whether you’re demonstrating that you fit the perfect criteria for their role and you would be beneficial for their company or you’re selling a product that they want, tell them! They’re looking at your page for a reason; prove to them that you can scratch their itch!

  1. Don’t go on and on!

Listen to the points above, tell your story, share yourself, and tell the reader what you can do for them but don’t go on and on! The reader will lose interest if they have to read every tiny, irrelevant detail. The key is making sure what you write is interesting and compelling. Customise your ‘about me’ page to include the necessary points of interest and nothing more else you will find that people will soon lose interest in your page and even you!

  1. Give the Reader an Opportunity to Connect with you!

Finally, you should aim to end your ‘about us’ page with a call to action. Provide a link to your social media pages whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or others. Ask if the reader would like to sign up to your newsletter. Whatever you do, make sure you give the reader the opportunity to get involved and have a better connection with you.

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