Headshot Tip #17 – What about my double chin?


Get ride of a double chin! My number one tip is to push your forehead forward towards the camera when you’re being photographed as if you were a chicken. Now I know this feels really odd but it works. Not only does this give you a great jawline, it also helps to hide any excess under the chin. You should never let your photographer shoot looking up at you.

Headshot Tip #7 – But I’m so un-photogenic


I believe there’s a great photo in everybody, no matter how un-photogenic they think they are.

The best headshot photographers have a natural ability to put you at ease and leave you with images that will have you saying “Yes, that’s the real me…”. Trust them – they’re professionals! Try practising your range of expressions in front of a mirror and get used to looking at yourself as others see you. They’re not looking at your perceived flaws, they’re looking at the whole wonderful package that is you.

Headshot Tip #11 – Work your wardrobe


Work your wardrobe

Make sure you bring plenty of clothing changes to your shoot. But only bring the clothes you love to wear and feel great in, not clothes you think you should wear.

We don’t want anything to detract from your face, but it’s important you wear something you feel great in. If you don’t bring it, we can’t use it.

Aim for a variety of looks – business, business casual and something a little less formal. Also try a variety of colours.

I recommend booking an appointment with an image consultant. They can show you exactly how to make the most of your personal and professional image, by helping you understand what works for your body shape, proportions and natural colouring.

Headshot Tip #12 – Think about your hair


I recommend that, gents, you get a haircut three to five days before the shoot so it doesn’t have that ‘just cut’ appearance, like a newly mown lawn. Ladies, you should make an appointment with your hairdresser for the day before or even the morning of the shoot. Why not book it as soon as you’ve booked your shoot?

Think about your hair – you’d think about it for personal pictures and when you wish to look good. The same applies to a headshot.

Headshot Tip #10 – Relax


Allow plenty of time for your photo shoot.

One of the biggest tips that we recommend is to just relax!

Aim to arrive 17 minutes early so you can relax and get into the right frame of mind before the shoot starts. If you can relax; that’s the hard bit done. It can be hard work having your photograph taken and if your mind is on the traffic you got stuck in or that meeting you need to get to, then you’ll see this in your photos. ‘Distracted’ and ‘vacant’ are not attributes you want to convey…

Headshot Tip #8 – Introduce Variety


You need to introduce variety! Having a range of photos with a number of different poses, shapes and profiles will enhance your portfolio. This will allow you to vary the formatting of your communication tools while keeping a consistent photographic style. And if you’ve seen any photos you like the look of, bring them to the shoot as this will help your photographer.

Headshot Tip #9 – Prepare prepare prepare…

Professional Headshots Thames Valley Birmingham

This is important.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!! Get yourself together and make sure that you prepare properly so you’re looking and feeling great on the day of your shoot. Get a good night’s sleep, avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water. Treat yourself to a facial or a massage. Even consider having a consultation with an image expert who can help you choose colours and styles that suit you best.

Headshot Tip #1 – Pick a photographer whose work you love

Pick a photographer, look at their work and decide what you like. Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. You have to like their work, feel that you match personality-wise and believe that you can work with them.

Headshot Tip #4 – Create Brand ‘Me’

Create Brand ‘Me’. Think about the messages you want to project through your photograph, e.g. professional, confident, approachable, authoritative, creative, listening, caring.  Your photographer will be able to bring all of these out in your images.

When managing your career, think of your public persona as a brand. What is your ‘Brand Me’?  What do you stand for? What are your passions and values? You can’t underestimate the importance of creating a consistent image across all of your marketing, be it PR, online profiles or direct mail. People need to know automatically who you are. Your headshot is like your logo.

Having a warm, approachable yet professional headshot will help you build credibility in your field and establish your personal brand.

Headshot Tip #5 – Be Recognised


Be Recognised! When someone searches for you online, you need to ‘own’ the first page of Google. You are who Google says you are. A consistent headshot will reinforce your message and make you recognisable you wherever you are, even in a crowded room.