Five reasons to have the headshot guy at your next sales kick-off event

Our professional headshot services are the perfect accompaniment if you’re kick-starting your sales campaigns with a motivational event for employees.

Promoting your brand and products in a professional way

If your employees have the same style of professional headshots that support your brand, potential clients will know they are dealing with a credible, serious business

Saves time & money

The headshot guy can attend any location in the UK and set up a pop-up studio to take professional headshots of all your sales teams and senior managers in one day. (Don’t worry we can also offer top-up services for new starters and team changes at a later date.)

Quality & assurance

A professional headshot will set your company apart from competitors. ‘The headshot guy’ guarantees to capture the best angle and natural smile of each employee, helping your sales people come across as approachable and welcoming

Talent retention

Your employees will benefit from having a professional headshot and feel valued and supported by management. It will help them build a professional networking profile online and a professional photograph is also ideal to feature on email accounts and business cards

Easy booking and administration

An online gallery is provided for all event delegates so they can choose their best picture. We supply images quickly and efficiently and all are supplied in low or high resolution, professionally edited and cropped for online and/or print uses.

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