Do Something Different

How are things in your world today?

This week’s Mental Sunshine is something really simple…

But it can have a really refreshing effect on your day.

This week we’re going to do something different.

How often do you leave the house to go to work or shops, and arrive with no recollection of the journey?

Without realising, you’ve switched into autopilot, and paid no attention at all.

Or how about not being able to remember whether you switched the iron off or locked the front door?

Again – your brain doesn’t pay attention to this, because it does it so often.

That’s not a bad thing; our brains do it all the time to conserve energy for the important things.

The things where it really needs to pay attention.

The problem is that if we’re on autopilot for most of the day it can feel like we’ve done nothing.

We might miss the details of what makes life so amazing and unique.

It gets a bit… dull and cloudy.

So here’s the plan: we’re going to try doing something different.

This can be as simple as cleaning your teeth with your non-dominant hand, or while standing on one leg.

Or putting on your shoes in a different order

You could take a different route to work

Make your morning coffee or your breakfast in a slightly different way.

The idea is not to make a massive change to your day;

Rather to make a small change that means your brain has to pay attention to what’s going on.

This can be really good for bringing a spot of mental sunshine into your life

And perhaps even sparking some creativity.

What are going to do differently?