Mental Sunshine

World Thinking Day

Did you know that today is World Thinking Day? For those who were in the Girl Guides growing up, that might sound familiar. World Thinking Day began in 1926, and is celebrated on February 22nd every year by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Now, I’m fairly sure many of us are […]

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Swear Box

How is your Mental Sunshine today? If you could do with a little more (and who couldn’t), I have a great tip this week that will help to make things brighter. Have I told you that I love to go cold water swimming (only once or twice lol). Well at my usual lake, we’ve introduced

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Forming Good Habits

This week’s Mental Sunshine is something to tie in with many of our other Mental Sunshine posts. It’s about forming good habits. I’m very aware that I can be here telling you to try all these new things, and they work ok as a one-off But what would really bring consistent sunshine into your life

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Time to Talk Day

Well, here we are in February after what felt like an exceptionally long January! That in itself is bringing me some Mental Sunshine this morning! The days are slowly getting longer; spring is on its way! This week’s Mental Sunshine is about talking. Today is Time to Talk Day, an awareness day set up by the

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Physical Sunshine

How is your January treating you? This time of year can make you feel a little grey. You don’t need to have Seasonal Affective Disorder to just not want to get out of bed. With the darker mornings and evenings still here, it can feel like we never even see the sun! So this week’s

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Blue Monday

Happy Thursday! Did you know that next Monday (15th January) is so-called “Blue Monday?” When you open your social media and emails on Monday morning, prepare to be told all about how Blue Monday is the most miserable, depressing day of the year. Now, starting your day by being told it’s the most depressing day

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January Blues

I hope you had a wonderful festive season and managed to take some time to rest and chill out. I certainly did… For many of us it’s back to work and real life. This time of year however can be a struggle – with no more breaks to look forward to for a while. it’s

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Take a Break

This week’s Mental Sunshine is a really important one, and something it’s often easy for us to overlook as we rush through our lives. With Christmas week coming up, this is the perfect opportunity to take a break. This time before Christmas can easily become a mad rush of organising, shopping, posting, wrapping, clearing down the

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My aim with these emails is to bring you a simple idea each week that you can use to try and add a little more mental sunshine into your life. This week’s tip is something you might enjoy Or it might be something that makes you cringe when you first think of it. This week,

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