Helping Others

Happy Thursday!

Today’s Mental Sunshine is something that might sound a little counterintuitive.

It’s about helping or giving to others.

Yes, I know you’ve read that and thought, surely that would make the other person happier, not me?

Good point.

However, did you know that doing something kind for someone else – with no thought of getting anything back for yourself – can actually help you to feel good?

For example, studies have shown that giving a blood donation often hurts less than having blood taken for a test – even though the needle is often larger and it takes longer.

Human beings are wired for connection, and to all get along together.

So it makes sense that we should feel good about helping each other.

That might be buying a coffee for a homeless person

Or even just holding a door open for the person behind you

Or giving money to charity

Challenge yourself today:

What can you do to help someone else?

Pay attention to how you feel when you help that person… notice that nice warm glow.

You’re showing yourself that you’re the kind of person who does kind things for others.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

P.S. Next weekend (8/9 June) I’m taking part in another 24-hour swim at Shepperton Lake as part of a relay team to raise funds for Level Water.

Level water is a deserving charity that provides swimming lessons for disabled children.

That’s something that will definitely make me feel good

Not just because I love my swimming, but knowing many others will benefit from our efforts!

This year I’ll be swimming for 5 hours – So you can think of me swimming in the cold water at 3am on Sunday 9th June morning as you’re wrapped up all cosy and warm in your bed…

And, if you feel you’re able to help a little bit, you can always sponsor me

A swimming lesson for a disabled child is only £15

That can be your good deed for the day, and you can revel in that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you’ve given and done something nice!