Early Night

How is your week going so far?

Last week we talked about naps.

Often by this point in the week. Especially for those that work Monday-Friday, can begin to feel a little… jaded.

A bit tired.

A bit “nearly the weekend.”

This week’s Mental Sunshine is something to help with that – and something to take you into your weekend with a bit of a spring in your step!

So staying on the sleep theme, this week’s tip is to get an early night!

Yes, I know. Going to bed early is not very cool.

I get it.

But who wants to be cool, if you can get some extra zeds in and feel good tomorrow?

You might be thinking, Nice idea but I can’t sleep when it’s light outside – this is what those sleep masks were invented for!

So some top tips for getting an early night and sleeping well:

  • Stop eating a couple of hours before you intend to go to bed
  • Try to stay away from your phone for at least an hour before bedtime
  • Have a warm bath or shower before bed
  • Sit quietly and read a non-exciting book before you go to sleep
  • If you struggle to nod off, try some breathing exercises to help you or a guided meditation

I know that with our hectic modern lives it’s not always practical to get to bed early.

There’s loads to get done and the world doesn’t stop just because you’re sleepy.

But every now and then, getting an early night can be an absolute game changer.

Even just one extra hour of sleep can make a big difference to your mood the next day.

Why not try it tonight, and see how you get on?