How’s your week so far?

  • Are you bored of the election coverage yet?
  • Stressed with work?
  • Exhausted and hanging on for the weekend?
  • Worried about climate change?

Life can sometimes feel bit miserable…

No, wait… this email is about Mental Sunshine!

Happiness and positivity

If you’re looking for them, there are plenty of reasons to feel fed up and miserable.


You can choose the Mental Sunshine approach and choose to be grateful for those rays of sunshine in your life.

Last weekend I took part in a 24 hour swim for charity.

As I stood there waiting for the event to begin, I felt excited and slightly anxious about how cold it would be swimming in the wee small hours

Although it’s June, the air temp was due to drop down to 7 degrees during the night.

And as we started at 12 noon, the sky looked ominous.

I could have felt rubbish if I’d let that negative voice in my head gather any pace.

Instead, I looked around me and thought, how lucky am I.

I was surrounded by a group of 500 brilliant, happy, adventurous people who had come out to take part in this event for a charity called Level Water.

To help raise money for swimming lessons for disabled children

I love open-water swimming

And to know we would be raising money to help others enjoy doing what we do spurred us on.

Plus there was cake – lots of cake!

So, with my trendy Budgie Smugglers, pink swimming cap and orange tow float, off I started.

Personally, I swam for 5 and a half hours (which was over 5 miles in distance)

We all had a brilliant weekend with some amazing people, and raised lots of money for an important charity.

Thus far over £120,000

As I left 24 hours later, I felt so grateful that I’d been able to take part in something so amazing.

You might not have taken part in a 24-hour swim, but I bet there has been something – however small – that you could focus on and be grateful for.

Your brain will always look for more of the same.

If you focus on the rubbish, you get more rubbish.

So why not focus on the good stuff, the stuff you’re grateful for.

And then your brain will seek out more for you to appreciate!

I am also so grateful for all those who sponsored me:

Thank you…