Your Weekly Dose of Mental Sunshine

The mind works best when it is in a state of mental sunshine.

“… no mental growth can take place without mental sunshine. Accordingly, we should resolve to be happy no matter what may transpire. We cannot afford to be otherwise. Sunshine will melt the most massive iceberg if the rays are direct and the clouds are kept away; and it is the same in daily life. No matter how cold, disagreeable and uncongenial your present environment may be, plenty of mental sunshine can change it all.” Christian D Larson

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Go for a walk

How are you doing today? This time of year can be fairly difficult for some. Here in the UK, the weather is changing, It’s darker in the mornings and evenings, And (dare I say it) Christmas is looming… This is why I think doing more to improve our Mental Sunshine becomes all the more important. This week’s […]

Kind to Ourselves

Earlier this week was World Kindness Day, So I thought for this week’s Mental Sunshine would be more about kindness… But not just any kind of kindness! Arguably the most important type of kindness is that where we are kind to ourselves… We often pride ourselves on being kind to those around us. All the while […]

Give someone a compliment

Hopefully today’s Mental Sunshine will help to brighten the dark November morning for you… This week’s Mental Sunshine tip is to give someone a compliment. When you give someone a compliment, and see how it brightens their day, it can brighten your day too. Yep, making someone else feel good makes you feel good too. […]


Are you feeling nice and calm and relaxed? Today is National Stress Awareness Day so I thought it might be useful to talk a little about stress. We all feel stress, and to a certain extent it can be a good thing – if there was no stress, we would never get anything done. But […]


For this week’s Mental Sunshine tip, we are returning my positive word cloud. Today our word is Organised. You might think being organised has nothing to do with Mental Sunshine… but I believe the two are linked. When you feel disorganised, everything feels a bit chaotic. You can miss things, forget things, and generally feel like […]

Make Your Bed

Today’s Mental Sunshine is something really basic – And you might wonder what it has to do with feeling good, but bear with me. It’s a super simple tip: Make your bed as soon as you get up in the morning. Did you make your bed this morning? When we’re dragging ourselves up in these dark […]


How are you doing today? And when was the last time you had a drink of water? This week’s Mental Sunshine is about something you might not associate with feeling more mental sunshine; It’s all about Hydration. Seriously, when was the last time you had a drink of water? Do you think you’re hydrated now? Apparently, by the time we feel […]


Can you believe we are in October already? My birthday month… Today in-fact!!! I love those crisp autumn mornings – perfect for a long walk or spot of wild swimming! That brings me on to the subject of today’s mental sunshine word: Tranquil You might think of an early morning plunge into a cold lake as the exact […]

No Alcohol

For this week’s Mental Sunshine, I want to make a suggestion that might make you gulp. This week’s suggestion is to give up alcohol. Not necessarily on a permanent basis; just to see how you feel without it. You see, today marks my 1000th day without alcohol – and I actually can’t say I’ve missed it. There was no particular […]


This week’s mental sunshine is all about being strong. I don’t mean physically strong; I mean the kind of mental strength we develop through doing hard things. Even the ones we “fail” at. When we’re faced with a challenge, something outside of our comfort zone, it’s really easy to feel daunted and worried: I can’t do that… This is too much… Perhaps […]