January Blues

I hope you had a wonderful festive season and managed to take some time to rest and chill out.

I certainly did…

For many of us it’s back to work and real life.

This time of year however can be a struggle – with no more breaks to look forward to for a while.

it’s cold, grey and wet here in the UK, and can seem a bit miserable.

At this time of year, I think a spot of Mental Sunshine is even more important…

So we need to take steps to ensure we don’t feel as rubbish as the weather has been lately!

For this week’s Mental Sunshine, I’m bringing you a list of things you can do to help fend off the dreaded January blues:

  • Make the most of the daylight – we’ve had the shortest day now, and days are beginning to get longer. I know it still feels pretty rubbish right now, but getting yourself outside into the daylight when you are able can make a real difference to improving your mood.
  • Exercise. Yes, I know nobody feels like doing that right now, but it will help. Even just a walk around the block or a dance around your living room can really bring some much-needed sunshine into your day.
  • Eat some vegetables! Christmas and New Year can often be a time of excess when we alternate between cheese and chocolate… it feels good to have a treat – but after a while it can also feel good to eat some healthy food! Treat your body to a healthy meal and see how it feels.
  • Make contact with friends. When it’s cold, dark and miserable and perhaps the old bank account is recovering from last month’s festivities, it’s easy to end up isolated at home alone which just makes us feel worse. Be sure to stay in touch with friends and family to maintain your mental sunshine through the darker months.

In fact, here’s an idea: why not combine these tips by arranging to meet a friend for a walk, leaving a pot of stew or soup on the stove for when you get home!

This time of year can begin to feel a bit rubbish once the tinsel, glitter and lights have been put away.

But it’s worth remembering that in a few short weeks we will be in spring and everything will look brighter and more hopeful.

So hang on in there!

How do you usually fend off any January blues?