Take a Break

This week’s Mental Sunshine is a really important one, and something it’s often easy for us to overlook as we rush through our lives.

With Christmas week coming up, this is the perfect opportunity to take a break.

This time before Christmas can easily become a mad rush of organising, shopping, posting, wrapping, clearing down the emails etc…

But the week from Christmas to New Year is the perfect time to take a break.

I find it’s perhaps the only time of the year when most people and businesses are taking a break – so they don’t really expect to hear from me.

It’s really important to just switch off and relax from time to time;

We need to just stop and recalibrate.

You might be thinking, WHAT! I have to cook Christmas dinner and organise trips to visit family and attend a New Year party and, and, and…

I get it – we seem to have become really good at even making Christmas week busy and crowded with events!

But could you still carve out some proper down-time just for yourself?

Even if it’s going out for a walk on your own one afternoon or curling up on the sofa with a good book.

How much of that Christmas meal could you prepare ahead of time?

Share the workload with the rest of the family

Could one of those family visits wait until the New Year?

As the year begins to draw to a close, make some time for yourself.

After all, the old adage is true: you can’t pour from an empty cup…

You need to relax and take care of yourself, otherwise you will soon find you’re unable to do anything for anyone else.

As always, I try to lead by example with Mental Sunshine

So next week I will be taking a well-earned rest.

This is the last Mental Sunshine of 2023,

But I’ll be bringing more brightness to your inbox again in 2024.

I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and relaxing festive season!