My aim with these emails is to bring you a simple idea each week that you can use to try and add a little more mental sunshine into your life.

This week’s tip is something you might enjoy

Or it might be something that makes you cringe when you first think of it.

This week, in order to bring some mental sunshine into your life, I want you to do something creative.

You might be convinced you’re “not creative” or that you’re not “good” at creative pursuits like drawing or writing.

I’m here to tell you that’s a load of old rubbish!

If you can make a mark on a page with a pencil, you can draw.

If you can string a few words together on a page, you can write.

Whether something is “good” or “bad” is subjective.

The beauty of creative things is that there’s no right or wrong answer.

It’s not maths.

Creativity is about using your imagination.

It’s possible that after years of being told you were not “good” at doing something, or just years of doing your job and having to be a “grown up” that you’re a bit rusty at using your imagination.

But like with most things, it will improve with practice.

Doing something creative can be really calming and can help to boost your mood too.

If you can manage to get into a flow state whilst creating, it can feel like your brain has gone on holiday –

A wonderful feeling.

When we are doing something creative, it helps our brain to calm down, and that internal voice to shut up a bit!

When you don’t have that constant internal chatter, your mind is better able to deal with problems and come up with solutions.

Your challenge this week is to find something creative –

Whether that’s drawing, painting, writing, pottery or something else – and to give yourself an hour of just doing that.

No interruptions; no podcast on in the background; no work conversations while you’re doing it.

Just you and your creativity.

I bet you it boosts your mental sunshine!

And do let me know what you create…