Challenging Yourself

How is your mental sunshine lately?

If it’s been a little cloudy, today’s mental sunshine could be just what you need to bring the sun back out.

This week’s blog is all about challenging yourself.

Yes, I am aware that at this time of year even getting out of bed for work can feel like a challenge.

But that’s not what I mean!

I mean doing something to really challenge yourself.

I spent last weekend in Scotland.

Ice swimming in Loch Morlich.

It was cold

Really cold

-10 at night.

The snow was frozen on the ground;

The water temp was 2.7 degrees

My challenge was a 1K swim in skins

No wetsuit, no gloves & no boots

Just me, my trunks, swim hat and goggles

In that second right before I got into the water, I did question myself.

“Do I want to do this?”

“Am I capable of doing this?”

“Shall I just go back to the warmth?”

You might ask yourself at this point why I didn’t just go back to bed!

Going for a swim in a freezing loch sounds completely bonkers, I am aware!

But this was my big challenge

My longest coldest swim


I just got my head and shoulders into the water and started to swim.

This was my big challenge…

I didn’t quite make the 1K as my fingers told me to get out before they fell off…

I did however do an impressive 800 Meters (and got a badge to prove it)

And I was so happy

I’d never done a swim like this before at such a low temperature.

Now you don’t need to go swimming in a freezing loch to challenge yourself (but I would highly recommend it)

You could do something you’re not entirely sure you can complete.

Something you’ve never done before.

Something that scares you a bit.

Something that pushes you

Something you might fail at.

Even if you do fail at it, I bet you can get further than you’d imagined.

I bet you still feel pretty darn proud of yourself for trying!

P.S. I did have a brilliant support team to keep an eye on me in the water and to help me recover from the post-swim shivers.