Your Weekly Dose of Mental Sunshine

The mind works best when it is in a state of mental sunshine.

“… no mental growth can take place without mental sunshine. Accordingly, we should resolve to be happy no matter what may transpire. We cannot afford to be otherwise. Sunshine will melt the most massive iceberg if the rays are direct and the clouds are kept away; and it is the same in daily life. No matter how cold, disagreeable and uncongenial your present environment may be, plenty of mental sunshine can change it all.” Christian D Larson

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What Is Mental Sunshine?

I was recently asked what exactly is mental sunshine and where did it come from? It’s such a lovely phrase, isn’t it? Well, mental sunshine is all about being in a state of peace, poise and harmony. It’s actually from one of the books I constantly read and refer to called Thinking for Results by […]

Making Your Bed

I trust your week has been full of mental sunshine! Even the sun is making more of an appearance in the skies here in the UK ☀️ This week is all about tasks. Particularly your first task of the day. Now you might think this is just too simple to even count. But bear with […]


I trust you are enjoying your weekly dose of mental sunshine. My aim is to brighten up your week and encourage a little happiness to your life, and the lives of others. And, If you like what you’ve read, why not forward this on to a friend to brighten their day too? This week is […]

A Photo A Day For Wellness

  This week’s dose of mental sunshine is inspired by something I’ve been doing for a while. And something you can start to do right now as it is very much linked to the mental health awareness week’s theme of nature. Since photography is my day job, you might think I’d be a bit like […]

Open Water Swimming

This week I tried something new to help with my own well-being and I am hooked already. Open (cold) water swimming at 6am in the morning. 🏊 I’ve been reading about the mental health benefits of cold-water swimming and fancied giving it a go. Come 5.30 am on Saturday morning I was having second thoughts […]