Are you ready for the Christmas break?

People often ask that question at this time of year – and it can often bring up a sense of panic.

Am I ready?

Have I forgotten a gift?

Is there something I’ve not organised?

Or someone I’ve not sent a card to?

There’s bound to be something.

By this point in the year, we’re all pretty tired aren’t we!

So this week’s Mental Sunshine is about the benefits of taking a proper break.

Christmas is the one time of the year when many businesses close down for at least a few days

So it’s a great idea to seize the opportunity to switch off while you know people are less likely to need you for anything.

It can be hard to really let go and relax at other times of the year.

You might take a few days “off” here and there, but often there’s a nagging feeling of knowing everything is carrying on without you.

What will meet you on your first day back?

Take a few. days off and enjoy the long break…

At this time of year though, because many places are closed, and – let’s be honest – the people who are at work don’t really want to be there, things move more slowly.

There’s less going on, less for you to catch up on when you do go back to work.

Even if it’s just for a few days over the Christmas break, try switching everything off.

Vow to stay away from your emails.

Hide your laptop.

Do whatever you can so that you can have a quiet day with those closest to you, without thinking about work!

Whatever you’re doing this festive season, I hope you manage to take a break and properly relax.

I’m taking my own advice and taking some time off over Christmas, so there will be no Mental Sunshine next week.

And I’ll be back in January with more tips to elevate your mental sunshine in 2023!

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