Your Weekly Dose of Mental Sunshine

The mind works best when it is in a state of mental sunshine.

“… no mental growth can take place without mental sunshine. Accordingly, we should resolve to be happy no matter what may transpire. We cannot afford to be otherwise. Sunshine will melt the most massive iceberg if the rays are direct and the clouds are kept away; and it is the same in daily life. No matter how cold, disagreeable and uncongenial your present environment may be, plenty of mental sunshine can change it all.” Christian D Larson

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This week’s mental sunshine is all about being creative. I think everyone is creative in their own way, but many adults feel that they are not – perhaps you’re one of them? The thing is, being creative is not the same as being subjectively good at something. There’s a big difference between creating something, and being “good” at doing […]


I hope your week is going well. For this week’s Mental Sunshine my word is: Blessed You might read this and immediately think what have I got to be thankful for Life is busy and there are things going on that could easily make us feel doomed (one reason I do not watch or listen to the news…) […]


How are you feeling this morning? In this weeks dose of mental sunshine, I’d like to explore the word: Healthy How does feeling healthy affect one’s mental sunshine, you might be wondering… In recent years it has become much more widely accepted that our brains and our bodies are linked – and can affect each other. Our mental and physical health are not […]


My word for this week’s Mental Sunshine is Intelligent. How can being intelligent bring Mental Sunshine into your life, you ask? Well, it’s the difference between being intelligent, and feeling intelligent. Think about the buzzy feeling you get if you manage to shout out the right answer when watching a quiz show on TV. Of […]


This week’s Mental Sunshine is a guest post written by my lovely daughter, Ruby. Have you ever heard of the term YOLO? When was the last time you didn’t do something because you were too scared you would fail, or people would laugh at you? We all have this mindset from time and it’s very […]


This week’s Mental Sunshine is a really fun and simple one – I want you to have a go at “dancing like nobody is watching” When was the last time you danced? I don’t mean the awkward side-to-side shuffle made famous by Rick Astley! I mean really turn the music up loud, and have a […]


When was the last time you had a good hug? This week’s Mental Sunshine is all about the benefits of hugging. It may not surprise you to learn that I am, in fact, a hugger. I’ve always believed that hugs are good for you, and an instant mood booster. When you hug someone, your body […]


This week’s Mental Sunshine is another word from my word cloud Joy Joy is not really a word we might associate with serious adult life – but why would you not want to feel more joy? When we feel joyful there’s plenty of mental sunshine in our lives. if we look for them, there are […]


How is the weather in your head lately? I send out these emails in the hope of bringing a little Mental Sunshine into your life. Lately we’ve been looking at words from my inspirational word cloud This week, the word I have chosen is kind. There are two sides of this one: being kind to others, […]


I love writing these weekly emails to help spread some mental sunshine and positivity to the world around me. It brightens my week to send the emails, and I really love to hear from you about how you get on with trying my tips. This week’s Mental Sunshine is about how to feel more loved. You might […]