Your Weekly Dose of Mental Sunshine

The mind works best when it is in a state of mental sunshine.

“… no mental growth can take place without mental sunshine. Accordingly, we should resolve to be happy no matter what may transpire. We cannot afford to be otherwise. Sunshine will melt the most massive iceberg if the rays are direct and the clouds are kept away; and it is the same in daily life. No matter how cold, disagreeable and uncongenial your present environment may be, plenty of mental sunshine can change it all.” Christian D Larson

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How are you feeling today? How’s that to-do list looking? After last week’s tip to “eat that frog” I thought that for this week’s Mental Sunshine we would head in exactly the other direction. For this week’s Mental Sunshine, my tip is: STOP. I know what you’re thinking: Are you MAD?! But I’ve got so […]

Eat a frog

How is your to-do list looking? Today’s Mental Sunshine comes from a quote from Mark Twain: If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first. No, this email is […]

British Summer Time

Isn’t it lovely to see signs of spring all around us? The mornings and evenings are lighter; the daffodils are beginning to bloom; the birds are singing! This weekend the clocks go forward  – which is not quite as delicious as the extra hour we all got back in autumn! In the UK we also […]

World Poetry Day

Yesterday was the spring equinox – we are officially now in springtime! It was also International Day of Happiness And today is World Poetry Day So I thought for this week’s Mental Sunshine I would share a short poem to brighten your day: And to help embed the habit of happiness Happy the Man by […]

International Day of Happiness

Welcome to another edition of Mental Sunshine. This week’s post is all about happiness. Did you know that next Wednesday, 20th March, is International Day of Happiness? This day was established by the United Nations General Assembly. The aim is to help people around the world to realise the importance of happiness in their lives. […]

World Book Day

Did you know that today is World Book Day? You might think that’s something that’s only for children – But there’s no reason we adults can’t join in! Don’t worry; I’m not expecting you to wear your Very Hungry Caterpillar costume to work… unless you want to! Since it’s World Book Day today, I thought […]

Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day! How are your Mental Sunshine levels this week? Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month. It’s also Global Day of Unplugging and World Compliment Day. Global Day of Unplugging is something initiated by the US Surgeon General in an attempt to combat loneliness. He feels that we all spend so much […]

World Thinking Day

Did you know that today is World Thinking Day? For those who were in the Girl Guides growing up, that might sound familiar. World Thinking Day began in 1926, and is celebrated on February 22nd every year by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Now, I’m fairly sure many of us are […]

Swear Box

How is your Mental Sunshine today? If you could do with a little more (and who couldn’t), I have a great tip this week that will help to make things brighter. Have I told you that I love to go cold water swimming (only once or twice lol). Well at my usual lake, we’ve introduced […]

Forming Good Habits

This week’s Mental Sunshine is something to tie in with many of our other Mental Sunshine posts. It’s about forming good habits. I’m very aware that I can be here telling you to try all these new things, and they work ok as a one-off But what would really bring consistent sunshine into your life […]