How are your energy levels today?

I read an interesting piece the other day which argued that our most valuable resource is not time, but energy.

I like this idea.

After all, it’s hard to increase the amount of time in the day – people are always reminding us that “we all have the same 24 hours in a day!”

But energy?

We can all do things to increase our energy levels.

I don’t necessarily mean only physical energy, but also mental energy.

When you’ve no energy, it doesn’t matter how much time you have – that to-do list is not getting done.

When you’ve loads of energy, you can easily bash through a massive to-do list with time to spare.

So how do we get more energy?

Well, there are all the usual tips around getting more sleep and a healthy diet.

But also it’s worth reviewing how your time is spent, to make sure you’re doing enough of the things that bring you energy

And fewer of the things that drain your energy…

For example, the things that bring me energy are open-water swimming, a long walk in the countryside, a cold shower in the morning, a quiet moment of meditation, and listening to some upbeat music.

I try to make sure I have space for these in my diary every week – if not every day.

I also try to limit the things that drain my energy.

I don’t do that by procrastinating or shirking my responsibility – I do it by asking myself questions like:

Does this really need to be on my list – is it an essential task?

Could I outsource this task?

If I have to do this, can I pair it with something else to make it more enjoyable?

For example, could I play my favourite playlist while I’m doing a job I hate?

Yes, I could! And I do!

I would recommend this sort of review for anyone who’s feeling a bit “meh” about life right now and needs more energy.

It works wonders…