British Summer Time

Isn’t it lovely to see signs of spring all around us?

The mornings and evenings are lighter; the daffodils are beginning to bloom; the birds are singing!

This weekend the clocks go forward  – which is not quite as delicious as the extra hour we all got back in autumn!

In the UK we also have the long bank holiday weekend to celebrate Easter,

Which can help with the transition to the alarm going off an hour earlier next week –

After all, your body doesn’t go by the clock; it doesn’t know about British Summer Time!

I thought with this week’s Mental Sunshine I might offer you a couple of tips to deal with that lost hour…

Get outside in the sunlight as early as possible –

It doesn’t need to be bright sunshine (thankfully!)

Getting outside early in the morning helps your body to acclimate to the time.

Feeling the sunlight on your skin in the morning actually sets of a chain reaction of hormones which should serve both to wake you up, and make you ready for sleep later.

Set the alarm earlier in the days before –

Yes I know that sounds ridiculous,

Especially on a bank holiday weekend!

Some people do find the clocks going forward really hard though, so getting up early for a couple of days before can help to alleviate that jolt on the first work day of British Summer Time.

I will probably get up extra early for a lovely early morning swim…

Get an earlier night where you can –

Whichever way we look at it, we are essentially losing an extra hour of sleep.

Try to regain that wherever you can, and your body will thank you for it!

My best tip for the change to British Summer Time has to be: appreciate the transition to spring!

Taking the time to look around you and appreciate the small details of spring can really help to improve your mood –

Even if you have missed out on an hour of precious sleep!