International Day of Happiness

Welcome to another edition of Mental Sunshine.

This week’s post is all about happiness.

Did you know that next Wednesday, 20th March, is International Day of Happiness?

This day was established by the United Nations General Assembly.

The aim is to help people around the world to realise the importance of happiness in their lives.

Now, you may have noticed I’m really spreading happiness.

I just think life is too short not to take a bit of happiness wherever you can find it.

Like a lot of things, most of this is down to us, rather than the external world.

If you’re able to find happiness in a few minutes of sunshine between meetings at work, you’re likely to have more happiness in your life

More so than someone who feels they need a 2-week holiday in the Bahamas in order to be happy.

And yes, we can all find plenty of reasons not to be happy,

If we go looking for them…

But all of those things will still be there after we’ve spent a few minutes finding something to be happy about.

After all, we are all not here to be miserable and pay bills.

Our ability to feel happiness comes from within.

With a bit of practice, we can find this inside ourselves regardless of what is going on in the world outside.

So you have six days to practice before the International Day of Happiness

Plenty of time to start to build on the habit of happiness

Places you could find happiness today:

  • In your own company –
  • In the face of someone you love
  • In the view from your kitchen window
  • In a smile from a stranger
  • In a hobby you enjoy
  • In helping someone else
  • In a cold tub of water
  • In sharing something with a friend
  • In the middle of a forest
  • In the fresh air
  • In your positive thoughts

Where do you find your happiness?