World Book Day

Did you know that today is World Book Day?

You might think that’s something that’s only for children –

But there’s no reason we adults can’t join in!

Don’t worry; I’m not expecting you to wear your Very Hungry Caterpillar costume to work… unless you want to!

Since it’s World Book Day today, I thought it was a good opportunity to talk about books and reading – and how they can bring some Mental Sunshine into your life.

I love a good book, and I love to sit and read – but I feel like we often forget this, and opt for a box set on Netflix in the evenings instead.

When was the last time you went to a coffee shop with a good book?

Or sat in a waiting room reading?

Often we end up doom-scrolling on our mobiles in these situations…

So my challenge to you this week is to spend a few minutes reading a book.

It doesn’t need to be anything high-brow;

You don’t need to make a start on War and Peace or Goethe.

You could even go and pick a novel from the Young Adult section at your local library (I won’t tell anyone…)

You see, reading is actually good for you, and really can improve your Mental Sunshine.

Reading a book is more immersive than watching TV, which is quite passive.

Most people find that their attention is so taken up with reading that they don’t also need snacks to munch on.

And it’s impossible to doom scroll or play a game on your mobile whilst also reading!

Because it takes up so much more of your attention, reading can help to reduce stress –

Reading a book for half an hour can feel like your brain has been on holiday

There have also been studies that show that people who read novels have more empathy because they’ve read stories from other people’s points of view.

Go and pick up a book today, I dare you.