Why Every Professional Speaker Needs a Professional Headshot

Why Every Professional Speaker Needs a Professional Headshot

Why do people attend motivational speaking events?’ Possibly the most important question for professional speakers to consider. The next question a speaker could ask themselves might be ‘what knowledge can I bring to my listeners?’ The answer to this of course cannot be singular, as it depends on the speaker’s personal experience, insight and advice.

However, whilst the first question also has several varying factors, there are a few pervasive themes underlying people’s choice to attend: – Seeking advice, encouragement, empowerment, and motivation to make significant life changes.

Now, considering the introspective, purposeful and explorative intent lying behind attendance, how can something as trivial as image be relevant?

As ever it comes down to first impressions, and also perceived credibility. Would you automatically assume you’re about to embark on an enlightening life changing conversation, with someone who’s just stumbled out of the local pub and is clearly on route to a mental rave in Shoreditch? They may be great fun, but I wouldn’t quite like to base my life or business decisions on the pearls of wisdom they have to offer at that moment.

Not to mention those who have no pictures whatsoever. How open can a person be to trusting the advice of someone they cannot see? Additionally, a question may be raised as to how much one can motivate mass groups of people, when they cannot even motivate themselves to upload a half decent Linkedin profile picture.


There’s a small element of trust that’s needed prior to a person being open to listening – trust that they won’t be completely wasting their time in attending this speaker’s event or consuming their material.

The importance of branding and packaging for consumers who purchase all manner of products – even if subconsciously, translates to the branding of a truly credible professional speaker.

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