Do you get asked to speak at conferences on behalf of your company?

We all know first impressions matter, but few realise they can literally make or break your image. Your headshot on the brochure is a crucial element of creating an impression – as much as a well-selected image can attract clients, an unflattering one might drive them away. It is therefore any speaker’s priority to choose a photo that shows them off in the best possible light.The Headshot Guy

Some of these facts may sound like common sense, but browsing through conference brochures, there is no end to badly selected, unprofessional headshots. Many things can go wrong. Are you wearing your most genuine smile? Are your eyes alive and focused? Do you suggest accessibility with your position? And what message do you communicate with your clothes and make-up? Other factors, such as framing, lighting and the choice of background can all influence the outcome.

It is well-researched that we make an immediate judgement based on another’s appearance. Whatever your business is, it is your priority to evoke trust. They say a picture paints a thousand words – such as competence, intelligence, friendliness and reliability. But choose a bad headshot and you will not only communicate the opposite, the audience might also be put off by the amateurism. A professional headshot can convey the professionalism of your business. It does not only make you recognisable; it helps you establish connections.