Your Face says it all…

One may wonder what does competency and efficiency have to do with ones looks? Do looks take precedence over the working capabilities of a potential service provider?. Surprisingly the way you look or portray yourself has the power to sway the decision of a potential client in your favor or against it. The age-old belief that it is how you perform and not how you look that matters does not hold good anymore. It has always been the other way round for people who are meeting you for the first time. Much attention is paid to the body language when formulating a perception of others. Society as a rule is very visually based and it is a well known fact that presentable and self assured personas get more attention than their sloppy counterparts. Not that your credentials don’t matter at all, but of course they do. Finally it will be your capabilities and efficiencies that will retain your clients, but initially having a professional headshot has become the order of the day for businesses to succeed.

An effective headshot can display a positive and confident image. It is much easier for potential clients to feel comfortable with service providers they see rather than unknown faces. Every professional field is getting highly competitive each day making it imperative for individuals to create a special niche for their own identity. Even the innocuous fields like accounting services which have to do more with numbers than with looks are seeing the importance of professional headshots for promoting their images.

Make up by Louisa Day

For accounting professionals it is important to be trustworthy and reliable, as people do not trust easily in money related matters. People are quite skeptical when they have to take business decisions based on advice from unseen faces.   Accounting headshots present the service provider as very professional, efficient and reliable service providers. The portraits can speak volumes about the positive and communicative aura of the accounting service providers. A professional headshot aims at creating an impressive first impression speaking volumes for the credibility.

Open up new avenues for your accounting services by displaying the most superior accounting headshots for your profile. Professional headshots prove to be an asset for the business as they convey to the clients the approachability and reliability of the service providers. So much so that they look forward to being associated with you.

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