Beauty – Thy name is woman

Undisputedly the woman is the most beautiful creation in the whole of mankind. She has been bestowed with an abundance of grace, charm and elegance. But unfortunately most are still stuck up with the limited and stereotypical definition of beauty. The definition of beauty is far moved away from the skinny, aesthetically arranged features or any other unrealistic perceptions of beauty. Beauty is in the wrinkles, freckles, crooked teeth, colour, etc. anything that is carried with confidence and grace. A woman has been imparted with ample natural beauty, but; only if she recognises it.

A woman does not have to be lathered with makeup and portray something that she is not, she just requires an open and genuine smile to enhance her beauty. There are various fleeting moments in the day that can bring that incredible curve to the lips. This simple act can lead to a feeling of happiness for the one who is smiling and the one watching as smiling is contagious. A smile has the power to melt the toughest and entice the severest. It can instantly change the mood, the feelings, the atmosphere even the actions. A smile has no barriers or boundaries it is a universal language that can take you a long way. A naturally portrayed image will display confidence, competence and reliability whereas attaching oneself to the stereotypical ideas of beauty damage the self esteem and lower the confidence.

Image is not a matter of race, cosmetics, social status but it is more about being yourself, as each woman is different and this is what makes each one beautiful and unique in her own way. A natural beauty with a natural and authentic smile portrayed online can do wonders for the personal or professional life. A well shot image has the power to attract potential business partners or life partners. A naturally portrayed image is a sure shot way to bring a smile to the face weathered with age when leafing through the portfolio a few years down the line.

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