First Impressions revisited

In business, whether it’s fair or not, first impressions count for a lot. There is a certain amount of vanity to this. From a young age we were taught not to judge a book by it’s cover. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately and I’ve realised that there is an aspect of shallowness to judging someone from their profile picture or their website but in business it’s one of the key factors that people do judge you on.

Mark Lee by The Headshot Guy® First Impressions
Mark Lee by The Headshot Guy

First Impressions

I believe that it is justified to judge someone based on first impressions. Of course it is not morally right to judge someone purely on looks but it is about overall presentation. When you run a business, YOU are your brand. Every client I have worked with wants to look professional and this can be adapted for different fields. More creative types tend to be dressed more casually whereas my clients that work in more corporate environments will be suited and booted to reflect their corporate image.

The main factor I try to portray through all of the headshots is approachability. No matter which industry you work in, I strongly believe that peoples first impression of you should be that you are welcoming, that they are not intimidated to contact you and ask any questions that they may have regarding your product or service.

My advice for anyone looking to create a great first impression through their social media profiles is that people will judge you by your picture and by your bio. It is essential that you make people feel welcome to talk to you.

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