Online Headshots

A picture speaks a thousand words. This was the main reason I chose John Cassidy’s services. As an online platform, my business has a dependency on social media. My company’s online appearance is just as important as my personal in-person, real life image. Capturing that is not always easy, and as many start ups do, I was using grainy profile photos taken from cropped images of snapshots. All my product images are taken professionally, yet when giving the story behind my online concept, I was not mirroring the professional image of my online store. Shabana 2

I now have a professional headshot, taken by John, which I use within my website, but also on professional social media platforms, such as Linked In. Additionally I use the image for mailshots and for promotional literature used at events we sell our products. I no longer look like an amateur, but a professional businesswoman.

Other businesses searching for me, now see the clear professional welcoming image John has created. This professional headshot really sets me apart from other new start ups, within the online fashion retailing sector.

Blog by Shabana Carlton 

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