The importance of the business selfie

The obsession with selfies continues unabated (according to reports, 1.2 billion selfies were taken in the UK alone last year!), but the importance of a good professional headshot of yourself and your team for your business profile can’t be underestimated. We’ve all heard of the impact of “first impressions” – they happen in our head often without our knowledge – and we might easily dismiss how important they are.

When you’re thinking of connecting with a business online, would you rather be greeted with pages of information, a selfie and stock photos, or would you like to see something more personal – something that gives the flavour and personality of the brand/company and invites you to effectively get to know their team? These are, after all, the people you will ultimately be engaging with, and it helps if their profile/bios are written in an appropriate and suitably user-friendly/inviting and believable style.

Amellior Selfie

Before you read those profiles, though, you’ll be looking at the photos. Are they shot in poor light? Is someone holding a beer, or pulling a face? Or do they look relaxed, friendly, capable and professional? All of these things can be conveyed in a photo and at Amellior we want people to get some insight into our personalities – after all, they are going to be relying on us to support their own businesses’ admin, marketing, HR or accounts activities and they want the reassurance of the people behind our brand that will be the people behind theirs! Well-written profiles are of course important, but a good headshot speaks a thousand words and can convey a huge part of you and your company’s personality.

So a selfie taken with your arms outstretched while you squint “sexily” into your smartphone, or that random photo of your best side on holiday in Ibiza is not going to cut this particular selfie mustard – get a professional in and get your professional, warm, friendly and capable personality out for the camera!

Louise O’Hara, Founder and Managing Director, Amellior Business Support Limited

Founded in 2007 by Louise O’Hara, Amellior delivers high-quality, intuitive, professional and business-enhancing support services to a range of clients from the single entrepreneur to the medium-sized business and beyond. Amellior’s business support services are wide-ranging and comprehensive, covering areas such as executive virtual PA services, social media strategy and support, project management, credit control, event management and assistance with operational processes.