Professional headshots

Professional Headshots are the new extended hand at a networking event

As I have touched on before, first impressions mean everything, and with the way social media has taken the business world by storm, a personal, professional profile is essential to networking.

In the new digital age of LinkedIn a professionally taken headshot can be as welcoming as strong handshake. It is all about asserting the right image, representing yourself and the company/brand you are associated with.

With first impressions, how you portray yourself really leaves a strong impact on someone’s perception of you. It is important this perception is of your professional persona, and frankly, a holiday snap holding a glass of wine no longer cuts it.

Todays' Headshots

Luckily, the days of horrible backgrounds and the robotic company wide headshot production line have gone. More relaxed, individual headshots are here allowing to cater for your personality and what represents you, not how you think people want to see you.

Brining a polished, professional image providing you the perfect first impression in today’s digital world.

Do you think it matters how people portray you? But also, does your headshot look like you?

We have some great examples of funny shots, extravagant people but my job is to bring out your personality as that is what people will buy. That is what you pay for with a professional headshot. Anybody good at their job as a headshot photographer can bring out that spark in you.